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31 May 2014

Selling the website as out of hacking business and computer trade for 5 years

Hi everyone, Long time no new post, sorry to say i am out of hacking business due to a job contract or you can say bond, willing to sell this website at the cost of INR 15000 or $ 300 to a person who can continue my work. Kindly contact me @ pwngpt17@ymail.com Note- Domain is registered under Domainindia.org and blog is hosted on blogger.com

30 June 2012

Samsung Chromebook will be available soon in US Market

Good News for Linux, Open Source and Google Lovers, Chromebook is going to be available in US and UK market soon. Samsung’s Series 3 Chromebox and Series 5 Chromebook will soon be available in Best Buy stores in the US and Dixons in the UK.

Now you are thinking how a Linux cloud based system that requires an internet connection to run it properly will work for everyone and will get customers. Well, Here is good news Chrome OS doesn't require internet connection to run now; however most of the features works better with a active connection.

You've been using offline G mail since a long time and Google Docs can also work off-line. Google also said that its other office-suite services, such as Google Presentations and Spreadsheets will soon be available off-line as well and the most important thing Google Drive can be used offline.

Well it looks like that Google is again coming with a product that is Combination of Amazing Linux power and Google's intelligent technology.

21 June 2012

payment of $10 for Google Apps can give you a host of services

Hi folks, your own personal domain with the very personal and special email service and a host of services with a reliable vendor only in $10/year looks like a dream come true. Think when you are sharing your own domain email address with someone and that person asks you how much you are paying for email hosting and do you have your website also. Now its not a dream and you can give your business and your work a new shape without spending a huge amount.

What you have to do to get all these service in a lesser price with better options:-

Make your account on blogger.com and make your own business blog or personal blog that never feel you lack of features in comparison to paid hosting.
Purchase domain through Google by it's affiliated services.
Get a free Google Apps Account

What you will get with this domain purchase that is going to cost you on $10 to $11:-
Your personalised email service which is secure and has less risk to be accessed by others or by hackers.
Google Calender
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Contacts
Your Own Domain
Freedom to create users
Free Business Apps
 and a lot more that can be accessed from anywhere and even from your mobile.
Now what are you waiting, boost up your business and go smart among your friends.      
Visit the official website http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/index.html or take a look:-

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