31 August 2010

Protect your pendrive from viruses and surf securly with Democrakey

Hi friends,
last month i got a lot of emails from readers asking how to protect pendrive and data when they are on public computers, i am going to explain this , although i have been using this since 2009 , and i haven't updated or searched new version or new package but i think this article will help you after reading you can search about new version or other package.
Most of you have computers and some of you doesn't have , but half of you use internet in cyber cafe. You go there download songs, movies , check your mail and all downloads you save in your pendrive. When you get back to your pc it shows "caution" virus detected. So I googled and found DemocraKey a portable security package. Here i am going to tell you about a portable package which includes a Abi word processer( edit any word document) , Gimp image editor(edit images) , Clam win portable antivirus(free antivirus), Thunderbird for mail(encrypt your mails), tor browser(proxy enabled) and a true crypter. Now when you go to your friends home who doesn't use antivirus or in cyber cafe you can use your own portable package and surf any blocked website with anonymous surfing. Democrakey,s size is only 50 MB which occupies a little place in your 8GB or 4 GB pen drive.
DemocraKey is the brainchild of Kirk,who invented it in response to government snooping and censorship in China and the United States.DemocraKey converts your portable drive into a start menu like gui enabled mini drive which will track stats of how much space is left in your portable drive and you can directly launch applications from the menu.
You can enhance  your democrakey experience by adding other portable applications from http://portableapps.com/

What democrakey do-
Protect your computer from viruses with a security enhanced version of Firefox 
Visit sites that are blocked by your school/employer/government 
Hide your internet actions with Tor
Encrypt personal emails with GPG 
Scan your computer with portable built in Antivirus software 
Runs from any portable media - iPod, USB key, Digital Camera… 
It’s FREE and Open Source! 
This article is based on Democrakey 2.0 (new version have launched download from sourceforge)

 Download all new and old versions from sourceforge.net click here 
Download live cd click here


    Ramandeep Singh said...

    i think using a firewall or a portable antivirus would be a better option to stay safe...check out here http://www.jasica.in/2011/04/bestever-tips-to-protect-your-usb-pen.html

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