07 April 2011

How to use multiple operating systems in one computer

Hi friends ! Hope you are chilling ..... But i am getting bored with my job and without you everything looks like useless_ _ _ Don't worry doing emotional atyachar only. Have nothing to write but worried about my website traffic and adsense earning so going to write i mean to say copy most worst article of this website. Well most of you have heard about VMware but duffers(LOL) i have used it so i have more knowledge. Its very usefull for students, developers and testers to create virtual environment for multiple operating systems. But some suckers(LOL) don't know how to use it and why use it.
How to use it- not going to tell you step by step but after installing it you can create a machine with any operating system but not MAC . To use multiple operating system at one time you need to create ISO images of these operating systems. After then you can create team and use all system in one computer at one time.
Why use it- Several reasons for this

  1. No need to use more then one PC or Laptop
  2. Can run old softwares on latest operating systems
  3. Support both windows and linux operating systems
  4. Consumes less memory and RAM
  5. Can create a Network like LAN
  6. Can create a Network with different operating systems
  7. Easy to remove or install an operating system
  8. Good for testing softwares and operating system
  9. Hacking practicals without doing any harm to original operating system
  10. Can mount ISO files so no need to use CD or DVD's

What is VMware workstation-VMware Workstation is a virtual machine software suite for x86 and x86-64 computers from VMware, a division of EMC Corporation which allows users to set up multiple x86 and x86-64 virtual computers and to use one or more of these virtual machines simultaneously with the hosting operating system. Each virtual machine instance can execute its own guest operating system, including Windows, Linux, BSD variants, and others. In simple terms, VMware Workstation allows one physical machine to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. Other VMware products help manage or migrate VMware virtual machines across multiple host machines. Workstation is sold by VMware; VMware Player is a similar program with fewer features supplied free of charge.
VMware Workstation supports bridging to existing host network adapters, CD-ROM devices, hard disk drives, and USBdevices (including USB Isochronous devices such as webcams, microphones etc), and provides the ability to simulate some hardware. For example, it can mount an ISO file as a CD-ROM, and .vmdk files as hard disks, and can configure its network adapter driver to use network address translation (NAT) through the host machine rather than bridging through it (which would require an IP address for each guest machine on the host network).
VMware Workstation allows the testing of live CDs without first recording them onto physical discs or rebooting the computer. Multiple successive snapshots of an operating system running under VMware Workstation can be taken, and the virtual machine can be restarted in the state it was in when any snapshot was saved. This is useful for software developers and testers, for environments at risk from virus infection, and for demonstrating software.
VMware Workstation includes the ability to designate multiple virtual machines as a team which administrators can then power on and off, suspend, and resume as a single object, making it particularly useful for testing client-server environments. Information Source

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Anonymous said...

off course u should worry abt ur website.u r neglecting most important part of ur articles...tht is step by step tutorials...this is just an advice..

Sandeep Hudda said...

Hi, like VMware workstation , Vmware player is also awesome

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can i run Mac osx in vmware

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welcome mr rat , your first post was not so impressive , but i hope you will not let us down

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I already know this! before 11 months.

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Janice Clements said...

I tried installing multiple software in my computer and I got a lot of issues and error messages. I have no idea what to do. Good thing you shared that information.

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